1)   What is a « halal nail-coat » ?

The word « halal » is only used because lots of people have called this way the kind of nail-coat that eases every day life of people who pray. There are two sorts of halal nail-coats: the permeable one, and the soluble one.

2)   What is a permeable nail-coat?

This is a nail-coat that is permeable to water and air and thus let water go through when the person performs her ablutions. It avoids losing time by removing nail-coat at each prayer time. 

3)   What is a nail-coat lifespan?

Lifespan of our nail-coat is not different from other nail-coats sold everywhere else. It is 2 years generally it the flask is well closed and kept away from light. After this time, and if your nail-coat has kept it colour and texture, there is no danger for you nails if you want to use it.

4)   How does water pass through the nail-coat?

Water passes through thanks to the composition of the nail-coat that includes water and oxygen. Ethics of our nail-coats will pleased you too, since brands use neither animal materials nor alcohol.

5)   How many layers can I apply so that the nail-coat is still permeable?

It is essential to not apply more than 2 layers in order to let the water pass through.

6)   How long do I let water drain so that it passes trough my nail-coat?

You must rub your nail to help the water pass through; it is not a question of seconds.

7)   A permeable nail-coat, is this the same thing as a permanent nail-coat?

No, permeable nail-coats have the same wear time as other nail-coats.

8)   Are there some tests from bloggers on the Internet?

Yes. Lots of tests of our halal nail-coats made by famous bloggers can be found, as in the list below:

-       Oumzaza : http://www.oumzaza.fr/150416-vernis-a-ongles-permeables-halal/

-       Hijab’in: http://hijab-in.com/test-de-permeabilite-vernis-el-nabil/

-       Halalbook : http://www.halalbook.fr/actufiche-17-7391.html

-       Hijab Select: http://www.hijabselect.com/2016/02/vernis-halal-el-nabil.html

-      Halima.Elle: https://halimaelle.wordpress.com/2016/02/02/halal-jusquau-bout-des-ongles/


9)   What is a soluble nail-coat?

It is a nail-coat that can be removed very easily as soon as it is in contact with water. It avoids the person wearing it to use remover and avoids waste of time since the person can remove it while performing her ablutions.

10)   Is there a fatwa on permeable nail-coat?

Yes, there is a fatwa that you can listen here.

It says:


A woman asks: Is it allowed to use a nail-coat that does not prevent water from passing through and from touching the skin?


From what I know about nail-coat it’s that it prevents water from touching the skin. If so, one must remove this nail-coat before performing her ablutions.

I know no make up that can do that (let water touch the skin), if there is a layer between nail and water, then this is forbidden. But if this nail-coat really let water touch the nail, then performing ablutions with this kind of make up is allowed.

Seminar of Roubaix, questions/answers, 08/20/2013

Cheikh Salih Ibn Sa'ad As-Souhaimy – 

11)   What is the halal certification of Andreia nail-coat?

The brand Andreia works in close collaboration with HIP Institute (Halal Institute Portugal) that has been created in order to analyse, watch, examine and certify halal products in Portugal. The Institute is first based on Islamic law to accredit food products and cosmetics with the Halal indication. Here is the certificate:

12)   And what about El Nabil nail-coat?

El Nabil nail-coats are patented by the LNE (Laboratoire National de Metrologie et d’essais – France, patent F9593) accredited by French state. They have also been tested by SGS laboratory (the biggest certification laboratory in the world) and Cosmepar laboratory. Be informed that only formulas that succeed in the scientific tests can have a patent. The nail-coat is permeable, so there is no risk.

13) I tested El Nabil nail-coat but I did not see water pass through.

Did you do the test as described on our website?

-          Let the nail-coat dry long enough (2 hours on our test?)

-          Tap the nail (or kitchen roll) several seconds (30 seconds in our test) to let water pass.

-          2 layers maximum?


14)   What kind of paper should I use if I want to do the test myself?

You can use any kind of absorbing paper like kitchen roll, tissue, paper towel, and coffee filter too.

15)   How long do permeable nail-coats last?

Wear time of permeable nail-coat changes according to your manual activities. Without excessive housework or manual activities, nail-coat will last 4-5 days on hands as classical nail-coats, and 3 weeks on feet.

16)   I ordered but did not receive the confirmation email? What can I do?

Check in your spam first. Then contact us (Hotline 00 339 54 34 65 91 no surtax) to check if your email address was correctly entered.

17)   I don’t like the nail-coat I received, what could I do?

Contact us; send the product back for a refund.

18)   How can I cancel my order?

You just have to contact us before the parcel has been shipped and you will get a refund on the means of payment used for your order.

19)   Do you deliver everywhere?

Yes, we deliver everywhere in the world.

20)   How can I find out the status of my order?

An email is sent to you at each step (this why it is important to enter a valid email when ordering): acceptation of order, preparation, shipping, and delivery. When you receive the information that your order has been shipped, a tracking number and a link is added to let you know routing details.

21)   When will my order be delivered?

Every order is prepared and sent the same day if order made before 12 am. Shipping then depends on the delivery location.

22)   Is it possible to pay on delivery?

Unfortunately no. Please find below the means of payment we offer:

-          Credit card: caring for your means of payment security, our shop uses the new security norm: 3D Secure. This a system of cardholders authentication, elaborated by the two networks of credit cards Visa and MasterCard. Since October 1st 2008, French banks have set the 3D Secure for every cardholder. This is an additional protection. For you, this is a security against fraudulent use of your credit card. Process of payment by credit card: you are automatically redirected to the secured site of our payment provider, CIC Banque. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Enter your card number, expiry date and cryptogram (3 last numbers at the back of your card) and validate.

-          PayPal: on our shop you can also pay with PayPal who helps protecting information about your credit card thanks to the best system present in the market for security and fraud prevention. When you pay with PayPal, your financial information are never given to us.

If you pay with PayPal, you will be instantly redirected to our payment provider website when it is time to validate the order. PayPal is a secured means of payment, used by a million of web users in the world. Record your credit card only once, when creating your PayPal account, deposit money into your account, and then you can send and receive payment by the way of the Internet with an email address with no need of giving your bank information every time.

-          Cheque: The printable purchase order or the order number must necessarily be enclosed to your payment. Please make cheque payable to AUTOUR DU COMMERCE and send it to the following address: Autour du Commerce - 8, rue Hoche - 38000 Grenoble – France

-          Bank transfer: Please address your bank transfer with the order number in the object to CIC - IBAN: FR76 3008 7337 5000 0203 2690 128 et le BIC: CMCIFRPP

23)   Do you have a physical shop?

No, we exclusively sell on the Internet.

24)   Can I send you the payment of my order by cash in an envelope?

No, we cannot guarantee that we will receive your cash as it is forbidden in France. Please contact us at the following number 00 339 54 34 65 91 so that we can find a solution together.

25) I would like to sell the nail-coats. Do you propose wholesale?

VernisHalal offers, on demand, wholesale of permeable nail-coat in Europe and International. In our capacity of wholesaler enables you to help the sales deployment of an exceptional product and convey a qualitative brand image. To know our tariffs, you just have to register here and create a Pro customer account (SIRET number requested).

26)   Aren’t you afraid?

We are Muslim too and we fear Allah as appropriate. We inform you, thus, that we would not place ourselves at risk (risk to go to hell) by lying or swindle the community (or anyone else) for a few Euros or more.

No amount of money is high enough to risk an eternity in fire.


However, if you do not find answer to your questions, please feel free to contact us by the way of this contact form here. 

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