The beauty of Muslim women's hands is through permeable nail polishes or other soluble nail polishes ... but not only! It is also about cutting ones nails with care. A banal gesture, some say, but must be done with care. Thanks to our three tips, it will become a breeze.

Tip number 1: choose lime, nail clippers or scissors

A neat manicure using halal nail polish is a must. For this, accessories are available: nail clippers, scissors or even lime. It should be noted that scissors have the advantage of not damaging the surface of the nail. In addition, being rounded, it allows to "marry" the nail and offers more precision. The nail clipper will be less accurate. As for the file, it will allow you to file rather than cut and especially choose it in cardboard or glass: the metal is aggressive because of the movements.

Tip number 2: soften the nails

With each manicure, it is necessary to prepare the nail in order to less aggress it and especially to be able to cut it more easily. It will be less hard and particularly less fragile. Thus, we simply offer to dip the tips of your fingers for a few minutes only in a bowl of hot water. By the way, at this water you can also add a few drops of lemon juice. Remember, in a previous article, we talked about the benefits of lemon. Once the bath of your nails is finished, dry them carefully one by one.

Tip number 3: do not cut your nails too short

It will be necessary to pay attention to the length. A nail too short is the risk of being faced with the famous problem of the ingrown nail. Although you need or want to have short nails, let them extend a little beyond the tips of your fingers. Conversely, not cutting enough and keeping long nails may not be aesthetic. For this step, you will need the famous instruments we talked about above: nail clippers, lime, and scissors.

After having used our little tips, you will only have to choose a permeable nail polish among all those that we propose on our shop of halal nail polish. Let's finish with a rhyme (nontre mood is poetic): because the beauty of the hands of Muslim women deserves the best, it is on that you will find your happiness!

The beauty of the hands of Muslim women goes through permeable varnishes or other soluble varnishes... but not only! It's also about cutting your nails carefully. A trivial gesture, some will say, but which must be done with precaution. Thanks to our three tips, it will become child's play.

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