If there is a woman who arouses curiosity and admiration it is the oriental woman. Poets, writers, travellers, all, at one point, spoke of his mystery and his beauty. Here are some of his beauty secrets to appropriate.

The khol

We do not speak of oriental women without talking about khol. This makeup-care that hems the eye and gives depth and mystery. Used since ancient times, traditional khol is made of powdered antimony stone. It is a care above all since it protects the eye from dust.

Amla oil

The magic oil of the Gulf women. Amla hair oil is derived from Indian gooseberry (amla). Very popular in the Gulf, it is rich in vitamins A and C. It works miracles on the growth of the hair, prevents their fall as well as the appearance of forks. It has been used for centuries by Indian women for the beauty of hair.


Henna on hair or skin is the parure par excellence of the oriental woman. It sheaths and gives matter to the hair. It gives a subtle shine of tan to the skin. Natural dye, it protects the skin with delicate designs. Finally, the henna on the nails, to colour them, is a practice resulting from the sunnah.


Sandalwood is one of the treasures of the Orient. It is one of the beauty gestures of oriental women. Sandal powder used as a mask can illuminate the skin of the face. Integrated with a perfume, sandalwood leaves a hint of a sensual and haunting note.

And you, do you use these treasures of nature? Do you have other beauty secrets of oriental women to share?

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