The beauty of nails is not everything! On Vernis Halal, we love beauty. Therefore, we would like to talk to you today about KINTSUKUROI. A Japanese word for an art that for more than six centuries has been a sublime philosophy of life.

Zoom on an unknown know-how.

What is Kintsukuroi?

Kintsukuroi is the art of repairing porcelain or ceramic pottery with gold (or silver). More precisely with lacquer encrusted with gold powder.
The idea is to extend the life of the object while making it more aesthetic and valuable than it was at the beginning. It is to give value to what is broken.
It is not a question in fact to camouflage cracks but to put them forward in order to begin a revival, another cycle of use, a new life in short. A sort of scar, a mark of time encrusted in the history of the object and which gives it its unique character. Re-exist, with more beauty, with more strength.

Kintsukuroi in our lives

If we thought our lives and events a little more in terms of Kintsukuroi we find there both wisdom and strength. This art enters the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, an ode to imperfection, which considers it necessary to accept the natural cycle of time, its growth and decay, carrying both beauty. A real personal development in itself!

We are all dishes, plates, bowls, jugs, containers of our history, our stories. And we are all chipped, cracked, broken.
As the crack fully takes part in the design of the object, our trials, our defeats, our sorrows must also be visible proof of our resilience. You must know how to accept them and use them to reborn, to be wiser and more beautiful. Make it a mark of beauty and not of destruction.

The Kintsukuroi in a few pictures:





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