Khôl is a beauty secret of oriental women for hundreds of years. Present both in Eastern secular tradition and in the Muslim religion, it is a mineral powder ranging from grey to black according to the mixtures it contains.

Natural eye drops, it protects the eyes against the evils of the sand and against the intensity of the sun's rays. Declined to infinity by the major aesthetic product brands, its reputation is second to none!

Here is a selection of khôl to give your look intensity and depth:


LeSunnah khôl

In its 100% natural version, kohl is derived from antimony stone. It can also contain clove, pepper, olive kernel powder or sieved with rose water or Zamzam water.

  • Powdered lead-free khol D’ors et Déjà. 100% natural mineral powder of antimony. You can find it on the website of the D'ors shop and already by clickinghere.
  • Grey lead-free khol Cosmetics of Orient. Guaranteed lead free. You can find it on the website of the Cosmetics d'Orient shop by clicking herehere.


The makeup khôl

In its make-up version we find the kohl as a pencil or as powder. In this case it is a make-up product and its composition is not always natural. Also it does not benefit from the virtues of the real khôl.

  • The kohl pencil enriches Yves Rocher's castor oil with irreproachable appearance. You can find it on the site of their shop by clicking


  • The famous kohl powder from Guerlain for a magnetic, smoky or clean look. You can find it on the site of their shop by clicking here.


And you, do you use kohl? As a care product or a cosmetic product? Tell us everything!

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