The human being is naturally attracted by beauty, the eye widens when it is subjugated by the beauty of a landscape, a car, a villa, a painting ... are all of us attracted by the same things? "Everything is relative" you will say. And you are right!

"It's relative" ... How many times have we heard this sentence before? A formula used especially to talk about our opinions on tastes, colours, aspects ... Especially to qualify the notion of beauty that ultimately will not have the same meaning for everyone!


There are some who see the beauty in what will be perfect, without any defects and without details to review. No extra pound, no wrinkles at the corners of the eyes for women and men. No scratches, no hitch for a dish. No stain, no tear for a garment. And the list is still long, concerning all the components of our lives. In search of perfection for oneself, one will huddle over his/her habits to achieve it: for example, the athlete will decide to train more often, to achieve the goals that would be perfect for him. Pushed to its climax, the contemplation of the perfection comes nevertheless to create complexes...


And then on the other side there are those who are not in search of perfection and who do not need an object, a place, a person to have only qualities to find them beautiful. It is even these small imperfections that make their charm and encourage them to watch. Let's take an example ... In the Japanese thought of Wabi-Sabi, kintsugi is an art that invites to observe the mere things, the most atypical, the most imperfect to find their beauty and say that they are simply unique! Obviously it requires having to take the time to scrutinize these things, to dissect them ... But who said we need to be in a hurry?

Beauty does not have the same meaning for everyone

Some will see appearances, others will prefer to read more deeply. If in these two cases satisfaction is found, we can come to a simple conclusion: so much the better! At the end of the path there is the development of the human potential for everyone, and that is all that matters.

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