To be beautiful for her husband, to be beautiful for his wife: this is what Islam enjoins to maintain the flame and the attraction between the spouses. If we tend to associate the seduction to the woman, we must not forget that they also like to see their spouse on their 31, primed and fragrant! Some tips and benefits of beautification between spouses.

Sheikh 'Abd al-Muhsin al-Qassim said in one of his sermons, "Be with your wives as you want them to be with you in all areas of life, because they love you what you love of them; Ibn 'Abbas says, "I love to beautify myself for my wife, just as I love her to beautify me." And Allah says, "And they have equal rights to their duties, according to propriety" (Al-Baqara V.228).

The importance of beauty for a couple

The famous verse in which Allah commands the wearing of the veil is a proof that one must beautify oneself for one's husband: "And tell the believers to look down, to keep their chastity, and to show of their attire only what appears and to fold their veils over their breasts; and that they show their garments only to their husbands, or to their fathers (...) "(Surah Noor V.31). Likewise, the prophet (salalahu a'leyi wa salam) answered the question, "Who is the best wife? In these words: "The one who fills her husband with joy when he sees her. (Sunan Nas'ai) Here, it is about the joy of the man engendered by the appearance, by the beauty of his wife.

To embellish for his / her half is a means of preservation that allows you to look down. This is even more true at a time when beautiful women and men are exposed everywhere: on the internet, on TV, in commercials or otherwise. Also, beauty is part of the fitra (healthy nature), it is something that every human being likes to see even though the criteria vary from one individual to another and that it can take many forms.

Hygiene, one of the keys for a strong couple

Cleanliness is paramount within the couple, without it, no healthy relationship: bad breath, bad body or intimate odours, are as many love killers that can make the partner run away. It is advisable to use the siwak in order to have a good oral hygiene. The best of examples was that of himself: According to Sharih ibn Hani: "I asked Aisha, what is the first thing that the prophet (salallahu 'alayhi wasalam) did when he went home? She said: (he started) using the siwak. (Muslim)

Both must not hesitate to take a good shower before meeting each other. After menstrual bleeding remove all traces of smell thanks to tahara musk. Do not hesitate to take care of yourself with all that is recommended in the fitra, the rules of hygiene in Islam. Among these rules: waxing, perfuming, taking care of your hair, cutting your nails, etc.

Ladies, make your skin a seductive asset by making it all sweet and scented, thanks to scrubs, creams, mists. The hair is also an element that makes your beauty, it is also why it must be hidden outside. So, we do not hesitate and we pamper our hair: nourishing care and masks after washing to have a dreamlike shock of hair!

Gentlemen, even if you are less inclined to this last point, all the rest is valid for you: to comb your hair, to wash oneself, to perfume oneself, to use deodorant, to maintain one's beard, to shave the hairs that one has to shave, to brush oneself teeth and have a healthy lifestyle, this is your responsibility as well. The healthy lifestyle will help you in all of this. Play sports, eat healthy to have beautiful skin, beautiful hair, a nice body!

Beauty, the secret of seduction

Another element of the embellishment is of course to have a beautiful appearance. Depending on the gentleman’s tastes, he will be delighted to see that you have made an effort to please him. If the veil is de rigueur outside, inside in the intimacy, there must be a real difference. Wear what you like! As for jewellery, it will complete your look. Indeed, Aisha embellished for the prophet (salallahu 'alayhi wasalam): "One day, when she entered her home, he saw that she wore rings (made with) leaves. He said, "What is this, Aisha? She said: I made them for you, O Messenger of Allah. (Abu Dawud) It is therefore very pleasant for the man that his wife dresses in beautiful clothes, that she wears makeup if she wishes and that she is adorned with jewels. As for the gentlemen, it is the same. If you are used to wearing rather wide and covering clothes outside, you can make an effort, make you look good with a different outfit, especially chosen.

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